The goodness of God endures continually.

It never runs out and does not have limits. He is good to the just and unjust as He leads us to Him through goodness. The blessings we receive from Christ are innumerable as they touch every area of our lives. For the blessings, we should give Him thanks!

Today I want to focus on what I call the Top 3. These speak to me in my everyday life. We all have routines and responsibilities which God cares about. Nothing is unnoticed and the Top 3 speaks to our need of Him daily.

“wine that gladdens the heart of man, oil to make His face shine and bread that sustains His heart.”

Psalm 104:15

In our verse above, He first references wine which makes our heart glad. This speaks of the Holy Spirit, as”wine”is used as a type and symbol of His work in our life. Notice He empowers our hearts to be glad.

This is BIG as we deal with disappointment and frustration on a lot of levels, yet we can have a glad heart through the wine of the Holy Spirit. Is your heart sad today? Are you heavy in your heart? If so, there is a remedy for you. There is hope for you and it’s through Him. Today, ask Jesus to fill you with His wine. Open your heart and receive the gladness of Heaven.

This gladness will swallow up sadness, frustration and more!

The second reference in our verse is to oil that makes our faces shine. This speaks of the Anointing working in our life. The anointing is the tangible touch of God in us. Oil is used as a type and symbol of this endowment in our lives.

We shouldn’t overlook this as His anointing beautifies our faces. He gives light and joy that reflects the touch of Heaven. Many people have a dejected face, they have a face of burdens and more; however, His oil will cause our face to shine. Receive His oil in the midst of struggles as He is giving victory today!

This oil causes His light to shine and the darkness we feel to fade!

The third reference in our verse is to bread that sustains our lives. This speaks of God’s Word in our lives. Bread is used as a type or symbol of His Word.

Having His Word at our disposal is a treasure to value. This is His heart revealed to you and me, along with His promises being declared over us. I encourage you to read His Word daily. Receive the bread of Heaven that fills our souls with life and hope. As we face different thoughts and attitudes, it’s His Word that will trump them with sustaining power!

This bread sustains us in all things, giving us hope and life!

Be encouraged to see these Top 3 revealed in your life. His wine, His oil and His bread. In the mundane parts of our lives He is there. In the routine parts of our lives He is there. In the struggles of our lives He is there. Allow the Top 3 to impact you! Allow them to be real in you!

I love you and believe this will be the best year of your life!

Something great is happening!


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