Feeling protected is huge!

No matter our age or status in life, we need to feel protected. When we have this, we are healthier and feel free to go at our dreams.

Many things add to feeling protected our locked doors, alarm systems, job security, big bank accounts, living in a free society with equal rights and more. Yet nothing can compare to the shield we have in Christ!

Everything we value to feel protected is temporal and imperfect. It has no guarantee as things change; however, Christ is the eternal champion! He is consistent, perfect, holy, and loves us all the same. His heart is to keep His people safe, along with having good thoughts toward us. He is the best person we can know!

The shield we have in God is big enough and strong enough for anything we face.

“You surround them with your favor as with a shield.”

Psalm 5:12

This excites me as I believe 2015 is the Year of Favor. The shield of favor overcomes our weaknesses and supersedes our limitations. This empowers our healing, opens doors, and gives us victory. The shield is His love in action on a daily basis.

Please don’t limit favor to money, things or positions of power. It’s more than that! While it does touch these things, the shield of favor will open our hearts to Him and to others, which then brings restoration. In fact, this year, I believe His favor will empower us in two specific ways.

The first way God’s favor will empower us is through reconciliation. We all have relationships that are strained and have hurt us. However, His favor will open closed hearts, cleanse the past, and give victory where there has been loss. What relationship(s) in your life do you desire to have reconciliation?

When His favor moves through your life, His abilities are discovered!

I’m believing for relational miracles this year healing of hearts and the reuniting of what God has intended. This includes marriages, parenting, friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, roommates and more. Any relationship can be touched by His favor performing the healing only He can give.

The second way God’s favor will empower us is through restoration. This touches areas of our ashes in life, our mourning and any despair. Are you experiencing one of these right now?

Unfortunately, this is part of the life experience; however, the shield is greater. His favor trumps these things giving us restoration. We have hope in Jesus!

Where life has turned into ashes, He will give joy. Where we have mourned in life, He will give joy, and where there has been despair, He will give praise. Notice He has a counter-move to anything the enemy throws at us. He is undefeated and will never lose a battle. He will win in us!

Be determined that in 2015 the shield of favor will tangibly reveal in you reconciliation and restoration.

Expect miracles! Expect protection! This will be the best year of your life!

Have a great week and love you all!


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