Timing is everything!

It matters to God and to us. This applies to our walk with Christ, our relationships and all that connects to our lives. I’m sure we have lived long enough to have seen things work out in perfect timing, and I’m sure we have lived long enough to see things not work out in the time we wanted.

This is life as we journey through it with our hopes and dreams. Our desires, our goals along with our prayers are linked to timing.

This also is probably one of the greatest areas of frustration as a Christ follower. We pray for things, we desire things, believing He will do what we can’t, yet His timing can leave us frustrated and confused. We all have been there as the clock of our lives goes “tic-toc” wondering when change will happen and when will our prayers be answered.

“He has made everything beautiful in His time.”

Ecclesiastes 3:11

I believe His timing is not punishing us; His timing is preparing us!

In the process of God, He is seeing a bigger picture with a grander view of things. He is thinking of making all we are concerned about beautiful. He has a plan of not only answering our immediate prayers but also connecting the dots on things we don’t see. We think His timing is wrong, He thinks in BIGGER terms. We think in the present, He thinks in both the present and the future. He is preparing us for something great! He is preparing us for the answer to our prayer and the beauty He wants to bring with it. His “tic-toc” is better than ours!

I believe His timing is not denying us, but rather His timing is changing us!

In the process of our lives, He is changing us for the good. His desire is to fulfill our hearts with His plan and purpose while healing our lives. This is the change He has for us! From darkness to light. From death to life. From ashes to beauty. From weakness to strength. From hurt to change! This is His plan for you and me. It’s better than anything we can think on our own as it liberates our soul from the traps in our humanity.

His “tic-toc” is yielding something greater than we know! Please don’t let the wrong perception drift you away from His heart!

Something beautiful is being forged right now. In our wait; His “tic-toc” is producing something good! Don’t quit and don’t give up. His timing is perfect in ALL things concerning us. This week open your heart to Him as you give Him what you have. Allow His Grace to empower you with courage to face life while overcoming in it. We can do this because Christ is in us!

Have a great week and may we be filled with His Love and the endurance that comes from Christ (2 Thessalonians 3:5).

Something great is happening,


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