Our world has scandal all the time and it’s big news. Popular discussions at work, home and beyond are centered on the drama of what someone has done wrong. In fact, the TV show Scandal is one of the highest viewed television series right now. We like this stuff!

However, the bigger picture is always greater than the current gossip in the news.

For Christ Followers, this is the scandal against humanity. Our enemy, the devil, seeks to kill, steal and destroy taking no sympathy with him. His mission is to hurt and humiliate us in any form, seeking to defraud the message of Jesus.

However, once a scandal is revealed it no longer has power and eventually becomes old news. The more we understand his plots, the more we are able to overcome him.

“And the Lord multiplied the people of Israel until they became too mighty for their enemies.”

Psalms 105:24 NIV

I love this promise! It’s possible to have a winning life as we are mighty through Christ!

Scandals only have power in secrecy and in hiding but once exposed, it’s over. Today he is after our innocence and connection with God. I encourage you to protect both. Here is why!

#1. Innocence is something we receive back from Christ. When we come to Him, He makes old things pass away and causes all things to become new! He wipes clean the record against us through His blood and gives us a new beginning in all areas of our lives! The scandal against us wants to corrupt this by tainting us with guilt and shame; however, Jesus is greater! He cleans the dirty and heals the sick. Nothing is too hard for God.

Our innocence empowers us in hope and faith!

#2. Connection with God is a privilege we have. Through Jesus we have the opportunity of a lifetime by being rescued by God and by being close to Him. We are imperfect, in need and in process; however, His love is greater than all of that. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. He is steady and steadfast. He is reliable and dependable! He wants us to be close with Him. This relationship empowers our purpose and our potential to be more than we could imagine. Protect this. Feed this and expose the scandal. We will be free!

Our connection with God empowers our connection with others!

May the Lord fortify us in our faith as we walk with Him daily. Whatever you are facing, He is able! Protect your innocence and protect your connection with God as the scandal is exposed.

Have a great week!


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