Legendary Humility

Legends have a great ability to live their lives in humility which empowers greatness. True legends are not braggarts or self seeking but rather they give themselves to something greater!

Each of us has the chance to live a life that does this. To choose humility with God and with others as we maximize our potential. We find significance when we give ourselves to Christ and discover what we can give.

The issue is that each of us deals with pride. It creeps up to Christ followers and non-Christ followers alike. Good people and bad people are the same in that pride impacts us ALL. However Jesus gives us the power to overcome! He gives us the power to be better, to be close to Him; moreover, to be humble.

“But He gives us more grace. That is why the scripture says: “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

James 4:6

Notice the humble receive Grace! Grace is revealed in Jesus as we receive what we DO NOT DESERVE! It is amazing!

When we choose to live in humility, open doors take place, favor comes our way and a connection to God is known. Here are a couple of things humility looks like in us.

#1. We are open to God and to others. This refers to a relationships verses religion. It’s the transparency of our heart toward Him, which changes our attitude with others. No longer are we seeking to impress or be better than others but rather we are seeking to serve and give to others. Our world changes when we take this step. In fact life gets better when we do this!

Only Christ and people will last forever! We must give our heart to both!

#2. We seek to connect with God and with others. This speaks to an attitude and posture that God gives. Humility does something in us which draws us to God and to others. Pride at some level will cut us off from God and from others. It blocks our ability to grow in relationship vertically and horizontally. This leaves us trapped in our own world. This is why it is crucial we receive humility and seek Christ and others. Our life becomes richer when we do this!

We either create hoops or bridges with God and others!

I encourage you to be legendary! Be great for Christ and live a life that impacts generations! It is a strength to be humble! Don’t shy away from this even though it’s uncomfortable at times. Humility will always cause us to win and pride will always cause us to lose.

With God nothing is impossible!

Have a great week and may the Lord bless you and give you Grace in all things!

Something great is happening!


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