Our seat in life is valuable and important to who we are. We gain a feeling of significance with what we have and where we are. This shouldn’t be underestimated or ignored in our daily lives. In fact, God uses these things to fortify us in His plan and purpose.

Yet, our challenge is when Christ has a BIGGER Seat than what we know.

This is the Seat of Legends! It’s the seat that transcends our ability and our thought. It’s beyond who we are and what we have causing us to be something greater in our lives. Each of us has this opportunity. We have this moment where we can keep our seat or receive His Seat!

“Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.”

1 Peter 5:6

Notice the secret to His BIGGER seat is humility being under His hand in dependence and surrender. The BIG challenge is staying in this place when He isn’t moving at our pace, or things are not coming together like we want. This is when we tend to remove ourselves from this position only to struggle with our issues.

Here is the truth:

#1. His Seat is better! No matter our place in life, He has something beyond our view. This is more than having possessions, it is about destiny and being fulfilled in life. He has a promotion and a BIGGER Seat for us; yet, it takes humility to believe it and to receive it. I encourage all of us to let go of what we know and grab onto what He has!

There is strength when we receive His Seat!

#2. It’s a Seat of Legends! When we receive this in our lives, He expands who we are and what we see. It becomes bigger than just us and our world. It becomes about others and giving to something greater. His Seat deals with changing us so we can help others experience change. The Seat of Legends is ours to have as we give and as we live in humility! This is the chance of a lifetime, it’s the chance to be something greater than we could be on our own!

This is our moment in history to make history!

I appeal to you to receive the Seat of Legends! To be great for God! To live bigger than what we know! To be whom God has made us to be! We can do this in Christ because He is our Super Source of Strength!

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!!


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