In life we face different things that are challenges for us family, careers, parenting, relationships and more. It is easy for us to feel overwhelmed or overmatched as we navigate these; yet, Christ has the ability to help us through them

This is crucial because within these challenges the enemy will use fear or intimidation to trap us and/or paralyze us from moving forward.

The Good News is that there is an Equalizer which propels us into victory.

“Now Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the Name of your holy servant Jesus.”

Acts 4:29-30

Notice the effort of fear and intimidation as they were under threats to be quiet and cave in. The enemy today is trying to do the same; attempting to keep us from seeing miracles and answered prayers to these challenges we face.

The Equalizer is the Holy Spirit at work within us. They prayed for “Great Boldness” as miracles, signs and wonders would be done. These displays empowered them to speak up and speak out!

We need the Equalizer today for different areas of challenges and tests. When the Holy Spirit works in us, He takes timidity, indecisiveness, fear, and intimidation and smashes it. Whenever the Holy Spirit moves in us it is supernatural!

Today you may feel overmatched or overwhelmed in certain areas; yet, you have an Equalizer that takes you to new dimensions in faith. In fact, you can have “overcoming faith” in your life; this is possible with God!

Receive His work in you by saying this prayer with me:

“Lord Jesus, I open my heart to you. I invite you in my situation, believing you are the answer I need. Please fill me with the Holy Spirit to be bold seeing your miracles, signs and wonders. I choose to overcome fear and intimidation in every area of my life. I choose you and your way in all things. Please forgive for anything that hinders me from you. I am yours forever and I love you. Amen.”

As you prayed this prayer I believe you are opening your life to the Equalizer that will lift you to victory.

Believe you will win in the areas of Family, careers, parenting, relationships and more because the Equalizer is with you!

Love you and have a great week!


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