Within the landscape of our needs, there is one source that touches everything.

Jesus reaches the complexities of ourselves along with helping our daily routines. It is possible to have His imprint in our attitudes, finances, diets, marriages, parenting and more.

He is ALL we need!

There is no one like Him in His love, in His power, or in His ability. He can do anything for anyone, no matter the circumstance. It benefits us to remember this, stirring us to believe with hope.

Our challenge is to practice this by opening our hearts, allowing Him to be the source we LOOK to and the source we REACH for.

He is what we need!

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

Hebrews 13:8

It is my belief we need to personalize Him to augment His person in our lives! He Loves us ALL.

Here is what Jesus is to me:

  • He is my Life
  • He is my Way
  • He is my Truth
  • He is my Lord
  • He is my Leader
  • He is my Counselor
  • He is my Physician
  • He is my Best Friend
  • He is my Fulfillment
  • He is my Hope
  • He is my King
  • He is my Rock
  • He is my Eternity
  • He is my Present
  • He is the Gift of my life
  • He is my Joy
  • He is my finance manager
  • He is my daily planner
  • He is my courage
  • He is my Life Coach
  • He is my protection
  • He is my everything

He is Enough

What is Jesus to you? Make your list and let Worship pour from your heart!

No matter what you face, He is able to do something about it. Believe Him today and have confidence that all is well!

Love you all and the best is yet to come!


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