God is magnificent and vast in His greatness!

He is All-Powerful and All-Knowing! He is the greatest phenomenon for the world to experience.

Yet, He is humble, touchable and within reach for the broken, hurt and impure. His ways are beyond ours and He leads us in the way we should we go! This reflects the Nature of God in that He is completely clean and can be touched by our dirty hands infecting us with life change.

Today, there is hope for us, there is a purpose for us and there are great things ahead.

With this said, it’s easy for us to perform trying our best to be good, pure and more. We set up rules that make us righteous, giving us a sense of power over those who don’t follow these rules. This of course is our effort in trying to figure out God and trying to prove to others we are Christ followers.

It’s my conviction from scripture that the “deeper” things of God are revealed in our weaknesses, not in our strengths. This again frustrates us to the core as we think in terms of behavior equals results. God thinks in terms of the heart first which dictates behavior. One can be fake and pretend while acting a certain way. The other forces us to be who we say we are and to model it through our imperfection.

Purity is not about being perfect. It’s about having a heart that is prostrate before Him!

“But He said to me, “My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

2 Corinthians 12:9

Notice this is the Apostle Paul who we admire and respect. He also wrote over half of the New Testament and the Lord is saying this to him.

At face value, the power of God rests on us through our weaknesses, not our strengths. It’s our impurity that can draw us close to God verses our own effort through works.

These are the “deeper” things of God for us because it requires us to be honest with ourselves which empowers honesty with God. This produces Life Change in us! This causes us to be changed in attitude, behavior, heart meditation and more.

A few thoughts for this week:

Acknowledge our weaknesses. No excuses, no reasoning away, just simply admitting what they are. This step is hard for us because our pride is wounded but our pride needs to die!

Give our weaknesses to God. This is our willing posture of giving to God what is impure, what is ugly, what is the raw truth of ourselves. This step frees us because we are not carrying around a burden of pretending.

Receive His Power. Notice in our verse that His Power rests on us through weakness. When we take the first two steps, we can receive His power to overcome. His power produces life change. This releases His Grace in our daily lives including all the details.

When we go deeper within ourselves it gives God the chance to go deeper within us.

These are the “deeper” things of God! Be courageous! Be bold and go for it! Relationship without pretense; seeing God work His holiness and righteousness at “deeper” levels within!

Have a great week and believe that the best is yet to come!

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