Looking good is being emphasized in every genre and in every way!

Diets, working out, plastic surgery, even clothes that hide certain things are in style and promoted. It seems the craze is to have a great “beach body” as the magazines portray, which drive many to be in a place of looking good.

However, we grow older, things slow down and things change. So it’s likely to be dissatisfied with the constant strain of our temporal condition. This does not mean that working out, eating healthy and caring about our physique is wrong. In fact we should all determine to care more and do better individually. This has benefits that are far reaching!

The challenge for us is to make “looking good” the base on the shape we are in and if we are accepted by the standards of what others say is right.

Looking good has more to do with what’s on the inside than on the outside. I would say that what is on the inside will show itself for others to see. The true person, the true beauty of a life is within.

Loyalty makes a person attractive. It is better to be poor than dishonest.”

Proverbs 19:22

Notice that God emphasizes a trait from within that causes us to look good!

I challenge us today to embrace loyalty in a healthy way. This is absent of being co-dependent and afraid of others but rather based in the Fear of the Lord pleasing Him above anyone else.

From this foundation loyalty is a powerful trait that causes us to look good inside and out!

So how do we practice loyalty?

First, be loyal to God daily in His plan, His desires and His standards. This does not require perfection but rather giving Him our imperfect heart! God cares more about WHO WE ARE verses what we do! When we miss the mark, we try again! We get it right, we glory in Him!

Second, be loyal to His Word. This speaks to obeying what He says and living our lives based around what He says we should do. This encompasses handling our daily tasks to the overall theme of our life.

Third, be loyal to the people God has placed in your life. Notice that this is third because it takes the Wisdom of God to know how far to go with family, friends and beyond in regards to loyalty. This is connected to our Church Family too!

Following this pattern will protect us and empower us to look good in our lives!

To look good is to be loyal! Go for it and receive this in your life!

Something great is happening!


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