We Are What We?

Each of us have affinities to something!

They come in the form of hobbies, sports, food, art and more. For some, this part of their life consumes them, for others it’s a weekend reprieved from the fast pace they live. No matter what our affinities are or how much time we have for them, they are important to us on some level.

This is not a bad thing in its essence, in fact all of us need a way to exhale, to relax and to slow down. We could all benefit with less stress and more ways to enjoy our interests.

However, we must guard what consumes our heart!

When we allow things to consume our heart, we become subject to it. We become bound to it and even become its prisoner.

This is true because we are what we worship!!

Whatever consumes our heart is a good indication of what we worship. It reflects our passion, our focus, and our heart strings. This is where our affinities can become a problem! Have you noticed that whatever consumes our heart we will make time for it, we will force it to work, and we will stop at nothing to experience it?

“They worshiped worthless idols, so they became worthless themselves.”

2 Kings 17:15

That’s a strong word for us!

Let’s not be deceived that our education, sophistication and more are exempt from this because this happens all the time.

We are what we worship; therefore, we have to navigate what is invaluable in our lives.

Please understand I believe we all need to explore our affinities as God made us, specifically in our desires, yet these things should not consume our hearts, Christ should!!

When Christ consumes our hearts, our value system shifts to eternal reality, which points to the people in our lives. This compels us to see others for what they are to us and to invest into that relationship.

When “things” consume our hearts, we become selfish, self-centered, easily isolated and look to how we can get our way. We become set on worthless things, which makes us irrelevant to those around us! This is deep because we are easily susceptible to it.

When Christ consumes our hearts, we become selfless, giving, loving, easy to connect, overcoming ourselves and looking to unite with others in community. Because of this our value system is correct; therefore, we are of value to those around us!

What are you worshiping today?

If something else has consumed your heart, then make a change today. Go for Christ! Allow Him to be the consuming passion of your life, thus making everything else fit into order and balance.

You can be what Christ has for you!

The best is yet to come!


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