Monkey See, Monkey Do

What we do matters and what others see us do matters just the same!

The truth is that we are ALL connected with our actions and choices for better or for worse. We struggle with this truth as it requires us to ACT OUT our Faith in simplicity, while shining for Christ.

This is important because the old adage is true, “Monkey see, monkey do.” In fact, it’s a bigger reality than we want to admit yet this is where our life makes a difference.

“In the same way let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.”

Matthew 5:16

Notice the way our lives make a difference. We Shine. We do Good Deeds. Others praise our Father in Heaven. Sounds like “monkey see, monkey do” to me! Our purpose is staring us in the face daily as we see those around us looking for hope, looking for help and we have their answer in Jesus!

With that said, here are practical things we need to be seen doing so others will be impacted and empowered to do the same:

The first is pray. When we pray God moves and when we pray it conveys a message of trust and dependency on Christ. It shows where our heart is and where we go for strength. Our culture is looking for meaning, it’s looking for a foundation and Jesus is ALL of that and more. Pray in public and pray in private. Pray with your family, pray with your friends, pray with others and watch Him bring answers!

The second is worship. When we worship it connects us to God and it draws us closer to Him. This is a lifestyle in our good deeds, shining for The One who has rescued us. This private connection we have with Christ needs to flow in public for others to see! It leads by example and it gives us the empowerment to be ourselves! Be determined to Worship daily in all you do and watch God touch you and touch others!

The third is love. When we love others we reveal the invisible God to them! Love is the way God is seen, felt and heard as He moves through us. This is why what others see us do is HUGE!! This is also the greatest area of attack in our lives through rejection, offense, disappointment and moreover when we allow Him to heal us, we are able to give that healing to others. Be determined to love daily and see Christ heal you and heal the people around you!

This week receive the challenge of praying, worshiping and loving daily as we remember “Monkey see, Monkey do.”

Let God use you and the best is yet to come!


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