Two Things You Must Have!

In the midst of our routines God gives us what we need to succeed and thrive. His love toward us compels Him to be a part of our life’s details making us better and making life the best it can be.

When we value His provision we are empowered to discover our potential.

This encompasses joy, peace, strength, relationships and more! His plan is good for us and His plan is connected to our present blessings along with our eternal promise.

Living in Christ is the best opportunity we can have!

So, what are the two things you must have?

“My child, don’t lose sight of common sense and discernment. Hang on to them.”

Proverbs 3:21

Notice the two things that impact the practical and supernatural parts of our daily lives.

The first one is common sense. This connects to the practical parts of our lives; relating to others, raising a family, having a career, paying bills and more. God is in common sense and His works do not have to be sensational to be supernatural.

In fact, God moves through our common sense. Even if we don’t feel Him, He is moving, doing great things! We make a mistake when we try to make God sensational in every part of our lives, looking for an easy way out. Our role is to walk in common sense daily, letting the Christ help us in all these areas.

The second is discernment. This connects to the Spiritual part of our lives. Discernment empowers us to see the unseen and know the unknowable for protection and direction. This too empowers our daily living in all aspects.

This is vital for our lives as we navigate people, family, opportunities and our purpose. We must see past the seen and know past what we are seeing. Perception is reality yet discernment uncovers the deeper reality! This is available on a daily basis.

These two things we must have in our lives which empowers us in protection and direction. Don’t underestimate what common sense and discernment will empower you to do in Christ!

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!

Something great is happening!


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