Center Stage

We have an inclination throughout our life to make things about us.

This is a tendency we inherently have. Generally speaking, we like the Center Stage. Even though some of us are introverts or extroverts, we all share this and we all have done it many times.

Center Stage speaks to who is noticed, who is being listened to and who has the attention.

Our challenge is, will we let Christ be the Center Stage of our life? Will we choose to notice Him, listen to Him and give Him our attention?

These two questions are deep with introspective truth that hurts and heals as we see what is going on inside of us. At times we are giving, selfless and Christ like. The next minute we are selfish, taking and like ourselves. We all have experienced this dichotomy. However, He will empower us through this.

“He must become greater; I must become less.”

John 3:30

This simple verse has great power revealed in it. When Christ is on the Center Stage of our lives, everything is better!!

Here are two examples of how this looks:

First, our relationships will be healthier. Notice I did not say perfect, however they will be healthier. When Jesus takes Center Stage in our hearts, it becomes about Him. Therefore, my focus is on Him which connects to me NOT being defensive or easily offended. It empowers me to open my heart to others and grow through relationships instead of being stuck in relationships!

Who is on Center Stage with your relationships? That means who is being noticed, who is being listened to and who has the attention. With Christ it will be better!

Second, our identity will be healthier. Our identity is a sensitive area for all of us. Pride or self-hate is easy to have yet there is a way of balance and health. When Jesus is Center Stage everything about us is stemming from Him. He is the standard we look to. This empowers my confidence while also empowering my humility. This strengthens my purpose and gives me hope!

Who is on Center Stage with your identity? Is it family, friends, culture, religion or your past? Don’t settle for anything less than what God says about you! Let Him be on the Center Stage of your life!

This is easier said than done; however, it’s possible with Him!

Today I encourage you to consider your relationships and identity and put Him on Center Stage. Make adjustments and allow Jesus to be greater in you because the best is yet to come!

Something great is happening!


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