Why are relationships a great blessing and a great challenge?

This dichotomy is amazing within us because the greatest area of joy and blessings comes from our relationships, and at the same time some of our greatest challenges comes from the same relationships.

No one is exempt from this reality as we react to its impact in different ways. Some don’t trust, others isolate and many guard their hearts with fervor to not be hurt again.

Yet, this is a trap since God created relationships, moreover, has a plan within them for us. We are tempted to look at others as the problem when in fact we have problems too! In fact, it’s our relationships with those people that is revealing we have a need for Christ to heal and touch us.

“If you ignore criticism, you will end in poverty and disgrace; if you accept correction, you will be honored.”

Proverbs 13:18

Many times, because of our hurts and offenses with others, we resist criticism and don’t want to hear the “truth” from others since they have issues too. The problem with this logic is that we ALL have issues and we need each other to be different and do differently.

Here is God’s intent regarding relationships:

First, we are comforted and refreshed by others. We were created for community with others as a part of our human need. We will always carry this need and our full potential is discovered when we embrace our need for others! Relationships are HUGE in our development spiritually, socially and more. We are better and in the will of God when we are connected.

Second, we are changed by others. We resent this yet it’s real. Our focus is to become more like Christ; therefore, our relationships help get us to this continual point. The beauty of connecting to others is that we will see our need and areas to be healed. It’s up to us on what we do with it.

Will we end up in disgrace or poverty? Or will we receive the blessing and challenge of relationships to be honored?

I encourage you today to step through your distrust, your fear and pain, allowing the plan of God to heal you. Connect in community and embrace relationships so that your potential is fulfilled.

This is our moment, this our time, and this is our decision! Let’s make it count because others are counting on us.

Love you all and the best is yet to come!


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