How Is Our Potential Fulfilled?

How is our potential fulfilled?

This question reveals our quest to have meaning and purpose in our lives. Our desire is to know the daily routines we embark on and have a greater good because it’s easy to be overwhelmed in the mundane.

The great news is that each of us have potential given by God with a specific purpose for our lifetime! Everyone is designed to have influence at some level and leave their mark on the human family. In fact, our purpose and potential is vital to others because we are connected and we are linked to those around us.

How is our potential fulfilled? The answer to this question is found in 1 Peter 5:6.

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time.”

1 Peter 5:6

Notice the first step in our potential being fulfilled is humility. This challenges our humanity as we feel we know what is best, we have the best plan and we can do it the best. However, humility says, ‘I am limited, I have issues and I am better with Christ’. Pride is cunning and deadly. It is often silent yet present and camouflages itself in different forms. Yet, humility is the anecdote to this!

Will we embrace humility? If we do, the treasure within us will be discovered.

We also see the next step with humility is to be under God’s hand. This speaks to Him being in control of our lives. If I’m under His hand, then He is holding me, He is protecting me and He is preparing me for His plan.

There is no greater place to be. Everything we need is in this place. Everything we desire is in this place.

Who’s hand will we be under? When it’s God, anything can happen!

Lastly, notice that in the right season, at the right time, when we are prepared and ready, when things are connected as a whole, He will lift us up!

Our potential will be fulfilled when we humble ourselves and place ourselves under His Hand, so that His blessing glorifies Him and maximizes our ability! This process is the challenge in our faith as we wrestle with our way, our pride, our plan, our idea of promotion; however, He is greater in all ways and has amazing things within us and for us!

I encourage you to take this step today. Determine in your heart that He will be the fulfillment to your potential, because in Christ nothing is impossible.

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!


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