When God Touches Families

What does family look like when God touches it?

Family is huge in our development along with our hope and legacy. We were made to desire and need the relationships that come from it as they are a part of our purpose in life.

Yet, family can also be the greatest area of pain in our lives. It shares the dichotomy of giving us some of our best memories and some of our worst memories. It can heal and it can cut at the same time. Because of this reality it is hard to believe that He can make new or heal our past; moreover, make our future bright.

However, He is great enough to touch our greatest pain while superseding our greatest hope!

So what can Jesus do in our families?

Psalms 128 is the Biblical picture of what God can do in our families, and this gives us the picture of what to believe for:

#1. We will be blessed in our careers (Psalms 128:2).

This is a powerful promise as He touches our daily efforts of work. He empowers us to be blessed and to enjoy what we do. Yes, this is possible! In Christ everything can be touched by the Grace of God!

#2. Our wives will be like fruitful vines in our house (Psalms 128:3).

This touches our marriages as He will make us thrive with our spouse. Our spouses are a blessing from the Lord, a gift given to add to our destiny and to empower us to be all He has. Value them and receive a vibrant, connected marriage in Christ’s love.

#3. Our children will be like olive shoots around your table (Psalms 128:3).

This speaks to the health and vitality of our kids. In Christ they are strong, sturdy, purposed and destined by His hand. They are assets in our homes that bring us closer to God and many times bring us to our knees in prayer. Yet, they are our heritage and lineage. Our blessing is in them!

#4. We are blessed when we fear the Lord (Psalms 128:4).

This speaks to our relationship with God. The Fear of the Lord is a reverence in worship and lifestyle that goes deep within us and touches everything around us. In fact, every blessing we receive comes from our connection to Jesus! Honor this opportunity and nurture it daily!

#5. May you live to see your children’s children (Psalms 128:6).

This is the promise of long life with our family to see our grandchildren and even great grandchildren. How blessed we are through the promises of God’s Word! Our marriages will have longevity and we will see our lineage before us.

This is what God can do with any family! This is what is possible through Christ!

No matter your stage of life, your heartache or trouble, believe this and don’t settle for anyone and anything less. He is able and willing. His healing is for you, His love is for you and His grace is for you!

The best is yet to come!

Something great is happening!


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