Let Go

One of the biggest hurdle’s in life is to “let go and give it to God”.

I know this is a Christian clich yet it speaks to deeper issues of control which connects to our distrust. Distrust in others is at an all-time high as our culture promotes getting yours first above all else.

We are bombarded with this message daily; however, in Christ we are asked to trust. In fact, we are asked to trust Him and to do life with other Christ Followers; this challenges us to the core.

The Bible says in Psalms 37:3.

“Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.”

Psalms 37:3

Notice that trust is the precursor to doing good and enjoying safety. That brings us back to our theme today, “let go and give it to God”, which is the doorway to this promise.

What areas of your life are you controlling? Is it your marriage, parenting, money, sex, faith, relationships and more? Whatever they are, it reveals the areas where we struggle to trust God and others.

With that said, I believe there is a principle we can practice to get us through this maze of emotions and feelings.

When I think of control and distrust, I see a tight grip that is clinching and not letting go. The problem is not the grip, it’s the hand that is making the grip.

Anything in our hand is temporal and limited. We are deceived if we believe that whatever we are controlling is safest with us because we are imperfect and need help daily. Our ability has a ceiling and being temporal has a vantage point that tends to be small in the immediate moment.

However anything in God’s hand is eternal and limitless! Liberation comes when we take the step over the hurdle of “let go and give it to God” and put everything in His hand. Giving up control actually gives us control of ourselves. It frees us to focus on what our purpose is and it empowers us to fulfill our potential.

Will we “let go and give it to God”? This principle sounds ambiguous yet it is specific in practice.

This week locate the areas where you control with distrust and begin to give to God first in prayer and second with accountability.

When you pray tell Him you are giving Him these areas and placing them in His hands. This deals with our spirit and soul internally. You can even write these areas out as a mandate of change.

Accountability empowers us to act on the changes we make. In the areas you control, is there something you can delegate today? I did this recently with my wife as she is doing our finances. This was a big step for me and I am breaking through because of it.

This is vital as we cross through theory into truth in practice. ‘Let go and give it God’ today. These two steps will empower us to see what can happen when something is put in Christ’s hands.

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!

Something great is happening!


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