Connect Four

I believe we all feel the tension of practically walking out our faith daily, especially as we fulfill the routine of our lives.

It seems we are juggling so much with family, work, relationships, church and more that we get overloaded and easily overwhelmed. This produces thoughts that paralyze us from doing anything, because in all the busyness, we don’t know where to begin. Yet, His plan gives us empowerment where we live to be and do our faith.

There is a plan and I like to call it “Connect Four”.

I warn you, this plan is basic and simple yet challenging to practice. It’s the key to longevity with consistent growth over time.

“For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept. Line upon line, line upon line, Here a little, there a little.”

Isaiah 28:10

This encourages me that there is a process with God. He is concerned with consistent effort verses trying to get and do everything in ONE BIG moment. He is wiser than that! Christ is the builder of our lives so He adds to us block by block, line upon line so that our journey enables our relationship with Him!

These four elements can be practiced daily in the ebb and flow of our lives as they reveal our true identity!

Our first step is to pray daily (Matthew 7:7). This can be daunting yet it’s life-changing and it’s not religious. We can pray in the car, in the shower, on our knees and anytime throughout the day. When we make prayer about posture and place we ruin it and make it hard. When we make prayer about relationship and having a dialogue with God it becomes exciting. Stay away from the trap of length, where, when and how and embrace the greatest opportunity of our lifetime, which is to be with Him!

Second is to read the Bible daily (Matthew 4:4). Many times it’s easy for us to focus on what we don’t understand or how we are not getting anything out of it, but that is looking at it from the wrong perspective. Reading the Bible is not about what is happening to us but rather what is happening in us! Having a plan you can practice is the key to being consistent and there are plenty to choose from. Set yourself up to win by having a tangible goal, then put it into practice. This could be reading one verse a day to reading 10-15 minutes a day, but remember it’s NOT the quantity, it’s the quality! The Bible is alive because it is the God’s words to us. When we read it we become alive and anew daily!

The third aspect is connecting in a community of faith (Hebrews 10:24-25). Community is necessary for us yet we are scared, reluctant and nervous to give ourselves to it. God says that we are stirred to love and do good works as we are connected to others. We are often tempted to not walk in love along with withholding the good we can give; however, relationships help us practice both of these. This is why we easily get tempted to reject and disconnect from others which leads us into a quagmire of faith. Overcoming others and ourselves will empower us to grow in our faith as we blossom in our purpose. Stay connected!

Finally, share your faith (Philemon 6). Sharing our faith strengthens our story. It empowers our faith and gives hope to others. Our story in Christ needs to be heard and sharing our faith is the way we practically do this. We eliminate ourselves by what we don’t know or by what others will think but there is a way to breakthrough. The best thing we can share is where we have been, what Christ has done in us and how He is still working in us now. This is relevant, non-threatening and it’s personal which takes away the temptation of debate. No one can argue with your story and sharing releases His power!

Notice these four elements are practical and can be done in the flow of life. He desires to build us daily while laying the foundation of our growth as we practice our faith. Take these steps, be determined and give Him a chance to empower your faith every day of the week!

Shine for Christ and have a great week!

Something great is happening!


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