Breaking Our Growth Barriers

We have an inherent desire to grow and accomplish achievements in our lives. This is intrinsic within us as we were made to do both!

This rings true when we come to Christ as He is able to accomplish within us above what we ask or think. His Love and power are available so that we rise above the status quo and develop more through growth!

Yet, the idea of growth is easier said than done. In fact the steps to grow can be daunting, however, not impossible for us to conquer. Too many churches and too many people allow the good to rob them of the best, which robs them of growth.

To grow we must embrace what Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5:7

“we walk by faith, not by sight.”

2 Corinthians 5:7

This verse speaks of two ubiquitous truths of growth.

First, we must be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Christ will comfort the challenged and He will challenge the comfortable! To grow we must embrace the uncomfortable. This is the place where we are stretched, and where we are expanded to new areas of growth with change. To get in physical shape you have to cross this barrier and it’s true in other areas of your life. I encourage you to stop running from being uncomfortable and allow God to work in you His plan of growth with achievement. Our time is now! Our moment is here! The question is will we embrace these opportunities to propel us forward?

Go for it! Greatness is within you!

The second truth is we must be comfortable with the unknown. Walking with Christ is full of the unknown. In fact walking by faith is the unknown and that is where growth happens. If we resist this we are bound by our need to control, which robs us because we have barriers. These barriers keep us back from God, from community and from achieving all we were made to do. The sooner we embrace the truth that we don’t know it all or have it all, we can start growing.

Life is too short to allow barriers to block our full potential. We were made to grow, we were made to achieve and we were made for influence so that others receive His Love!

Will you embrace the uncomfortable and the unknown? You can do this because His Grace is sufficient for you!

His best is for you and by growing you will experience it!

Love you all!


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