2014 is going to be amazing

2014 is going to be amazing for you, your family and for our community at City!

I’m fully anticipating “New Beginnings” in a variety of ways that will inspire hope, healing, along with restoration. God has great things for us and no matter our circumstance or our issue, He is able to renew and redo anything in our lives!

With this being said, how do we move forward practically on a daily basis?

This is an excellent question because it’s easy to be excited on January 1st yet we all know it’s tough in February on a Monday morning to stay focused with that same excitement. So here are a few things I practice daily that could empower you on this journey.

“And Joshua said to the people, “Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow The Lord will do wonders among you.”

Joshua 3:5

This verse connects with our church fast that we are embarking on from January 2nd – 22nd. We are aligning ourselves to receive the wonders He has for us!

Fasting is not about earning something, it is about birthing something!

We are aligning ourselves with Him so that His wonders are received in our lives.

Each Sunday you will receive daily verses to read, along with themes to pray over which covers all segments of our lives, City Church and Bloomington.

The First thing I encourage you with is to pray about what you can fast and go for it! I also encourage you to write down specific things you are praying about and pray over it daily. This helps you stay focused as to why you are fasting, then when He does it you have something to look to and say God did this (Matthew 7:7).

Jesus is going to move on our sacrifice and prayers will be answered! His wonders will be seen!!

The second thing I encourage you with is to have a daily plan to read the Bible along with praying. I know this is basic but we are tempted to be too busy yet our faith, our focus, and our Heavenly Bread come from reading the Bible and praying daily (Luke 4:4).

Thirdly I encourage you to be in the community at City. This does more for us than we know. Be a part of a city team or a life group and if that’s too much right now then be there on Sundays and allow God to move in you (Hebrews 10:24-25).

What happens in us is greater than what happens to us; however, it’s in the community of faith where we give Him the chance to work in us.

This will be the best year of your life as He has great “New Beginnings” for you.

Be bold with this fast, be determined with a daily plan to read and pray and be in the community at City. The best is yet to come! Love you all.

Happy New Year and see you Sunday at 9:30 and 11:30am!!

Something great is happening,


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