I believe Christ Followers should celebrate as much as possible!

What we celebrate is what we meditate on! So when we stop and acknowledge what He has done it empowers encouragement to fill our soul.

Life is busy as we move about doing our routines and it becomes easy to see God work but not stop and celebrate it. In fact we tend to focus on what He has not done yet verses the things He is doing. This temptation is relevant for all of us yet there is a remedy and I believe it’s in our celebration.

“to trust God, to remember what He has done, and to obey His commands.”

Psalms 78:7

When we remember what He has done its easy to celebrate because it magnifies His goodness and faithfulness in our life.

Celebrating does something in us.

First it stirs our faith. If we will take the time to stop and review just some of things He has done, our faith would grow. A lot of times we want Him to do our latest request along with giving us more faith yet if we could stop and celebrate what He has done our perspective would change.

What we celebrate we meditate on so when We meditate on His goodness our faith leaps because if He has done at least one thing in our life, He can do the next thing in our life.

Shame on us for potentially not recognizing His Works or celebrating them because everything He does is from His love and grace. The small things are amazing and the big things are amazing; moreover, He is amazing!!

The second thing celebrating does is lifts our perspective. I believe many times what keeps us down or what keeps us from being energized is our perspective.

If we focus on what is wrong, what is delayed and what not is working out then eventually we will wear out. But what if our whole outlook could change by acknowledging what He has done? I believe it can and will, more importantly we will be stirred to hope in greater ways!

I encourage you today to celebrate!

Stop and think about something God has done for you and magnify it in your life! Allow your faith to be stirred and allow your perspective to be lifted by celebrating what He has done.

“This is the day The Lord has made, so let us be glad and rejoice in it.”

Psalms 118:24

Have a great Christmas and believe the best is yet to come.

Something great is happening!


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