Why do we receive favor?

Much of the gospel we hear in America is centered around us being favored. But why? Does favor mean we get all we ever wanted and that life is perfect or does it mean that we are extremely wealthy? Or could it be that favor touches everything about us and reaches to a bigger purpose? God desires that every area of our life be blessed so that His Kingdom is expanded and others are touched for eternity. Every blessing we receive is to empower us to glorify Him, that others may see His goodness, His grace and His mercy!! Favor ignites the Love of Christ to attract and gain influence with others.

“and Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”

Luke 2:52

Notice that Jesus grew in favor with God and with men to strengthen His purpose; therefore, favor is to empower us the same way. This is His divine touch on our life that attracts others for eternity. However we are tempted to bring favor down to material things (exclusively) when He is trying to expand us in His love. He does bless us with temporal things yet these items are not the purpose of our faith, they are a product of our faith.

Our greatest legacy will be the relationships we impact now. People are the ONLY thing that goes to heaven with us because relationships are eternal. This is why it’s important to live life in a way that our enemies have nothing bad to say about us (Titus 2:7-8).

I encourage you to ask for God’s favor and to ask for His blessings so that others are attracted and changed by the love of God. My heart for my family and for City Church is to live life full of His favor so that others are touched for eternity. This is why we do church the way we do and this is why I live, so people go to heaven with me.

Purpose and destiny are always found in what we can give to others. Will you live this way too? Our time is now, every day counts, every weekend counts as we love, build, lead! Be the movement, be favored and watch others come into your life for destiny.

Something great is happening!


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