Sunday Wrap-up – 11/11/13

I believe the Bible is always relevant!

“If you will believe you will see the glory of the God.”

John 11:40

Jesus always made things simple, so if we believe we see His Glory. We must protect our belief as this is the battle we face daily. Life has bills, good times, and tough times so it’s imperative to protect our connection with Christ! His glory is seen through answered prayers, through His touch, and His love in our lives. His grace and mercy can also reveal His glory along with so much more. Therefore, we must protect our belief.

Could it be that the connection between our need and seeing His glory is our belief? According to our verse it is! Our belief speaks to our trust, our hope, what we look to and depend upon. It reveals who we say is our source and resource. Let’s not be fooled, He is the greatest opportunity we could ever have and He reveals His glory in mighty ways.

I believe we are seeing His glory at City! People are receiving Christ weekly, His presence is tangible and the growth is amazing. This is important because Jesus wants to touch as many people as possible and we have a part to play in that.

Bloomington Indiana is being changed one person at a time.

Our families are being changed, all peoples are being changed and most of all we are being changed! This is why I believe “the best is yet to come.”

Believe this week and see His glory revealed!!

Something great is happening!


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