Sunday Wrap-up – 11/4/13

Fulfillment is possible in life! This is vital because we all need a sense of accomplishment and a sense that what we do matters. Jesus can empower this in our lives because all we need is in Him.

“The Fear of The Lord tends to life, he that has it will abide in satisfaction. He shall not be visited with evil.”

Proverbs 19:23

Notice we can be satisfied (fulfilled) in life when we revere Him to the place of being our source and resource. He is the secret to finding all we need! He is relevant, He is modern, He is updated and He is always upgraded so that He can give exactly what we need. This is why I believe our lives, our families, our streets and Bloomington Indiana can be visited by Christ. It just takes someone to believe.

I encourage you to allow Jesus to be this in you thus giving fulfillment in life! One reason I’m fulfilled is because our church is choosing to have Jesus be the source and resource of what we do and what we aspire to be. Sunday showed this as people received Christ, others water baptized, a child dedicated to The Lord and our community growing! And to think this is just the beginning!

Have a great week and be fulfilled.

Something great is happening!


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