Sunday Wrap-Up – 10/28/2013

Jesus is the completion we all seek!!

Notice what it says in Matthew 6:33

“seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.”

Matthew 6:33

This text is referring to our basic needs which is great, yet it also is a picture of what Jesus can do in us!! All we need is in Him!! He has every answer, every opportunity and every blessing we will ever need!

The BIG question is, how do we see Him do this in our lives?

I believe the answer is by loving God and loving people!!

When we keep it simple His plan is understood and received!! The confusion of ourselves, our religion, our misconceptions are avoided by opening our heart to love God and to love people!! This is the challenge of our faith yet as we take these two steps, we are changed and we are empowered to have a better life!!

This is what the world needs, this is what Bloomington Indiana needs, this is what we need as individuals!

With that said, today I feel complete because we did our best this past weekend as a church! We had a record attendance for our Trick or Treat event for the community, which was amazing! I thank all the volunteers who made this possible!! We lifted Jesus up!!

Then Sunday was crazy!! Everything was connected and spirit led! I really felt a greater empowerment from The Lord as we move forward in Christ!! He is favoring us with growth, influence and teamwork; moreover, people came go Christ!! Man I love my church!!!!

I honor God for this as I also respect it because it doesn’t have to be us!! He is indescribable!!

Keep it simple this week by loving God and loving people the best you can!! He is worth it, others are worth it and Jesus is the completion we all seek!!

“What we do now, will echo in eternity” Maximus

Something great is happening!!


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