Sunday Wrap Up 10/20/2013

What a weekend!!

We celebrated the life of a great lady and then we celebrated Jesus life in us!!!

When we remember that our life is about Christ, we find peace, contentment and purpose!! That is what living dead is about!!

I truly believe giving our lives to God is the fulfillment everyone is looking for because it gives our life meaning in the present and for eternity!!

Will we choose this kind of life?

The more people who take this step, the more His Love can fill our homes, fill our streets and fill our city Bloomington Indiana!!

I’m so thrilled as I see our church family taking this step of faith more and more!! Love, build, lead is centered with living this way for Him!!

Today people received Christ in both Worship Experiences, others were blessed by His presence and we are growing weekly!! God is moving, yet I believe this is just the beginning!!

This week give Him your all, let Him use you and expect great things!! The best is yet to come!!

Something great is happening!!


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