Sunday Preview – 10/20/2013

How do we live making every day count?

This question is on my mind as I think of Dana Trimmer who was vivacious in Christ and with others. She is in Heaven today seeing Jesus face to face yet we will miss her at City!!

Eternity is real for each of us so it’s important we ask ourselves, How do we live making every day count?

I heard Israel Houghton say recently “Life is short and then we live forever.”

God is not only who we Worship, He is the source of our purpose in this life! I believe two things help us maximize every day of our lives!

First to love Jesus with our heart in passion!! This opens us up to hope, His potential and miracles which only He can do!!

Second to love others with our heart in passion! This empowers us to value the only element of this life that is eternal for better or for worse which is relationships!!!

This sounds simple yet it is the challenge of our faith in this life, loving God and loving people!!

These two things are the center of our vision of love, build and lead!! Which is why I believe that our homes, our streets, Bloomington Indiana and our Nation can be changed by the Love of God!!

This weekend is another opportunity to practice these two things!!

Saturday we are honoring Dana as we are thankful for her. Then Sunday at 9:30 and 11:30 we will have two powerful Worship Experiences!!!

Plan to attend, it will be life giving and life changing!!

Something great is happening,

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