Sunday Wrap Up – 10/14/2013

What can we do when life is difficult?

Jabez gives us the answer to this question in 1 chronicles 4:9-10!

It is possible that Christ is the summation of all we need for our lives, our homes, our city Bloomington Indiana and more? Yes He is!!

This truth empowers us to take Jesus past Sunday morning and into our daily lives, thus when life is difficult I’m leaning on Him because He is my source!!

I’m excited as I see this at city church weekly with people coming to Christ, with people being changed as we love, build and lead!! The movement is on!!

Jabez did an amazing job with three things when he was life was difficult!!

He kept his conduct honorable because it possible to be honorable in our imperfections. He also had the right response, he prayed! Prayer is a daily connection we get to have with Jesus to receive from Him!! He finally received his exchange! He reached up, received and was changed which empowered him to reach out!!

Today lets take Jesus in our conduct, our response and our exchange!! He is the best way, He is the greatest way because He is the way!!

Have a great week and see you next Sunday!! The best is yet to come!!

Something great is happening!

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