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Sunday Wrap Up – 10/06/2013

Being a part of community and of a team is vital for our lives!! We receive healing, we receive strength and we receive the challenge to be changed!!

Life is better when are connected and attached to others!!

This is how Jesus lived with His disciples, it’s also how He desires us to live!! Which touches our attitudes and calls us to be like Him!!

City strives to be more than a church; we want to be a family movement that loves, builds and leads as many people as possible into Christ!! This is the greatest thing we could ever do!!

This past weekend our team did amazing job! Pastor Renee had a great message along with every part of the Worship Experience being in step with what God wanted to do!!

People received Christ, others were baptized and everyone was encouraged!! His hand is on us with this bring just the beginning!!

This week remember that we gain when we lose ourselves! Be determined to be in Jesus, to be in community and to be a part of the team!!

Love you all!!

Something great is happening!

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