Sunday Preview – 09/22/2013

I love chipotle!

Their menu is easy and the food is great!! They have a simple business plan to enjoy which draws you back for more! From them, less is more!!

This is the same thing we are doing at City! We love, build and lead so that as many people as possible receive Jesus!! We are striving to make it easy for people to come to Him!!

He is the greatest person ever and the easiest person to meet! This is why I believe that Christ is relevant, modern, cutting edge and always trending!

Less is more with our vision and efforts to make Him known!! We all have real issues which means we need a real, accessible Jesus!!

Could it be that Bloomington Indiana can be changed, then our state, nation and world? It could when we make Him simple!!

This Sunday we are going to do this vision at 9:30 and 11:30am!! We are wrapping up “growing pains” and you don’t want to miss this weekend!!

Plan to attend and bring someone with you! Be the movement; love, build, lead!!

Something great is happening!

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