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Sunday Wrap Up – 12/02/2012

The 1st weekend of December was off the chain!!

We kicked off the new series “the amazing race” with the message “follow His Star.” I’ve gotten reports of families having victory, people receiving Christ and others connected into the community at City!! I feel blessed this morning and thankful for all He has done!!

This holiday season of Christmas we have hope that Christ is alive, He is here with us and He doing great things in our lives!! Today decide to take the opportunity by giving God your all seeing what He can do with a life given completely to Him!!

When we follow His Star He will take us:

  1. To the unknown (Matthew 2:1): God has great things for us yet walking with Him will always take us to places that are the unknown. What is that unknown place for you this morning? Is it forgiving someone, is it having accountability to overcome a habit or behavior, it is saying yes to God for your future? Whatever it may be, Jesus is worth it and He takes us to the best outcome every time!
  2. We have joy (Matthew 2:10): When we follow His Star we receive joy just like these 3 wise men. As a Christ follower there should be and can be an inner joy that is steady in us no matter what. This doesn’t mean we jump of walls daily yet we can have His joy that is greater than circumstance, that is greater than good days or bad days!! His joy is our strength!
  3. We will see Him (Matthew 2:11): These 3 wise men followed His Star and saw Jesus! We too will see Jesus as our reward in eternity; however, we can also see Jesus right now in our lives. His love, grace, mercy and more are daily given to us following Him allows us to see these things!! He is the same yesterday and forever, whatever you need He has and He is!!

This week be encouraged that God is with you, that He is great on your behalf and as you follow Him you complete the race set before you and finish strong!!

Nothing is Impossible,


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