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Sunday Wrap Up – 11/25/2012

Sunday was a great day as people received Christ and were empowered to Quit Quitting!! It also showed the growth He has done at City thus revealing His heart and desire for all people to know Him!!

I encourage you today that you can say I Quit Quitting!!

When life comes our way, when we get an unwanted surprise, when we face the unknown there is Christ enabling us to endure, to keep moving and never stopping until His plan is fulfilled!!

Hebrews 12:1-3 (NLT) gives us the steps to take daily:
1. Witnesses: (verse 1) people before us have overcome, laid down their weights, and ran their race and so can we!!
2. Eyes on Jesus: (verse 2) as we keep our eyes on Jesus, as we stay steady on Him we will be okay! Who and what I look to, dictate what my actions and attitude will be.
3. I See: (verse 3) when I see what He went through with all the people resisting Him; moreover, what He goes through with me I can overcome and I won’t quit!!

Decide today to say I Quit Quitting and see the goodness of revealed in your life!! He will answer your prayers, He will complete His plan in you!!

The best is yet to come!

Nothing is Impossible,

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