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Sunday Preview – 11/18/2012

This coming weekend is going to be BIG as we address an area for all of us! In fact it’s perfect as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday next week!

We are going to say I Quit Murmuring!! This simply means I Quit complaining!!

We each deal with this daily in some capacity in our thoughts, words and actions. The Bible says that His goodness endures continually (Psalms 52:1), which we have seen in our lives, yet we still are tempted to see the things not done, not answered and not completed. This is big because our perception can empower our faith or it can quench our faith.

This Sunday we are going to see how God’s people murmured and lost out so that we can learn from their mistakes declaring I Quit Murmuring!!

Be sure to be there and invite someone with you!! We will all be touched by this!

Nothing is Impossible,


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