Sunday Wrap Up – 11/11/12

It was awesome this past weekend at City!! People came to Christ and we were touched by His love!!

We were challenged to say I Quit Judging!! This is a daily process in our lives yet in Christ we can obey Jesus and see change in our attitudes.

To say I Quit Judging can be overwhelming as its a part of who we are in our reactions to people; however, Jesus in Matthew 7:1-5 asks us to go to a higher standard!!

Be bold this week and declare I Quit!! God has good people for us to meet, He has good things for us to experience because He has a great plan for us!!

Let’s be His Light, let’s be His Salt and let’s be different than what the culture is saying!!

Our life matters, our reactions matter because we can impact others with the Love of God!!

Declare today I Quit Judging!!

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