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Sunday Preview – 11/11/12

This weekend will be awesome at City!! We are going to tackle in the I Quit series, Judging.

Through Christ we can say I Quit Judging!

You may say that is cliche yet it impacts our daily lives. In fact everything we do, everyone we meet we tend to have judging (good or bad) thought about it. This literally flows in our humanity and yet Jesus said Judge not (Matthew 7:1)!!

At City our movement in Christ is to love, build, lead; therefore, doing our best to be like Jesus to those around us daily! If we are locked up by judgmental attitudes then how can reach others and help others experience the greatest person ever to live?

You and I have a purpose, you and I can do something in our lives that make big impact!!

The question is will we say I Quit?

See you this Sunday at 9am and 11:30am, you don’t want to miss this and bring a friend!! This will touch everyone on a real level!!

Nothing is Impossible,


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