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I Quit

This weekend starts a great new series “I Quit.”

When we hear that phrase we usually connect it with a negative tone and action yet there are times when “I Quit” can be huge in our lives for the good!!

This month we are going to grow and discover how we can Quit certain things that bring down our walk with God along with hurting our relationships!! I firmly believe that God will speak to you this month so be sure to attend this 1st weekend at 9am and 11:30am and bring a friend!!

Our heart at City is to Love, Build and Lead as many people as possible so there is always room for more!! Your life has significance and as you connect the dots with Christ His joy, spirit and purpose will flood you like never before! You do have impact on others daily!! You are His Light and Salt!!

You and I can say “I Quit” in Christ so get ready to discover what these areas are every weekend!!

Blessings and see you Sunday!!

Nothing is Impossible,

Pastor David

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