sundays at 9:30am and 11:30am

A Christian church in Bloomington, IN.

We are multicultural, multigenerational, and nondenominational.

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What makes City Church unique from other churches in Bloomington IN?
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Vision, Do You See It?

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“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight, but no vision.” Helen Keller Sight and vision are two different things. Sight is…

Mom, Thank You, For Everything

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Mom, thank you, for everything! There’s something about Moms, that at times can’t be quantified. The impact they have on us individually and our…
Dinner Table

Family Dinners

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Do you have a funny story, from a family dinner? I have some from when I was a kid, and from now, as I…
Airplane wing

10,000 Feet

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I’m writing this blog, on a flight coming back to Indiana. Sumer and I have just completed a weekend of ministry, speaking together at…